Part of the #Vivacious Team! So beautiful!

It’s not easy being a woman. It is especially not easy being a woman of integrity and substance in an area full of glorification for exactly the opposite. Where fake has become the new real and support/true loyalty are hard to find, it’s rare to find a group of women who stand in solidarity for true WOMANHOOD. This group isn’t about who has the latest red bottoms or designer purse (not that they are against these things, they just don’t flaunt material wealth) and they certainly wouldn’t DARE call another woman a “bad bitch.” Instead, this group promotes other entrepreneurial women that are trying to make a positive impact on society.
What I love about the Vivacious team are the women that started the movement. They’re feisty and professional. These strong women also seem to have a firm grasp on the kind of difference they want to make in society. Charitable donations will be made through the sale of the items on their site soon and women everywhere can be fashionable for a cause. A few local models, actresses and hosts have all jumped on board to give their time/face/voice to Vivacious by modeling apparel, sunglasses and swimwear on their website. I was honored to have been chosen to represent such a positive movement. The proceeds from the sale of the vintage sunglasses I modeled will directly benefit my charity and passion (Project Save Imagination, of course.)
Owning your sexuality is beeeeautiful, natural and powerful…..making your sexuality the ONLY thing you have going for you is not quite as powerful. Women are amazing. We are the bearers of life. We withstand unimaginable pain. Our power lies in our amazing femininity. Imagine that incredible feminine power combined and the amazing impact we could make on society?

It’s a movement. #LiveVivacious
Follow them on Instagram: Live_Vivacious Twitter: @Live_Vivacious
Photography for the shoot was provided by @zenagibbsphotography (www.zenagibbsphotography.com)

Shoutout to super talented and ultra sexy photographer Zena Gibbs. Look at her boots! Fly!!!!

Photography behind the scenes provided by Darryl Omar!

Music Needs George Tandy Jr.

I have always been a diehard 90s R&B fan…(think Jodeci before the drugs and R Kelly before we knew he loved teenagers….) I loved Shai and Tevin Campbell, Silkk and LSG, Keith Sweat and Troop, Dru Hill and Aaron Hall. THAT was my era for music. Even though I was a kid and NOT supposed to be listening to some of that, when the “I wanna freak you” line comes on I squeal like a virginal teen.

Lately however, I have been less than thrilled with the current R&B situation out there and have gone back to my underground hip hop loving ways. You can’t go wrong listening to NWA, Mos Def, Kweli and MURS when all else is wrong with the world. Besides, I was less than convinced that honest love making music even still existed. Where was the panty dropping, basement sweating, grinding, hide and go get it music of my youth? Well a few months ago I found it. The glimmer of hope for me was in the brilliant music of local south Floridian George Tandy Jr.

I admit, I’m a tough critic…I rarely give new music a shot. I’m the one that takes the CDs people hand me in the streets and let them pile in the backseat of my car (or use them as drink coasters.) But what sold me on George was that I saw him perform LIVE. The honesty and love in his lyrics literally ooze out of every inch of his beautiful being, his talent on the keyboard matched with the silkiness of his voice brought back my memories of hide and go get it, and the passion in which he emits each note lets you know it’s REAL. Once I got to know him as a person I was even more sold on his mission to heal the world through his music and so the journey began. He’s an enlightened human and a beautiful soul.

Lucky me…I have had the pleasure of hearing all his new music. I swear if I didn’t love you all so much I would keep it to myself and cuddle with it at night. It would be a lie if I told you I didn’t listen to his ultra passionate and VERY sexy tune, “March” about 350 times in two days….literally. “Jaded” is another favorite and “Apologize” is acoustic sounding and make up sex worthy. And ladies, his LOOKS match his SOUND. Nuff said.
Oh, and he’s newly VEGAN. Sexy.

All I can tell you is he has a brand new website and is slowly uploading all his new music onto the site. You better hop on quickly, because this bandwagon is sure to fill up fast.

Warning: Ladies, listen to his music and make sure you have a dry pair of panties lying close by for you to change into. Fellas, listen to it with your lady so he can say all the right things for you to get her in the mood. Ya dig? You’re welcome.

For booking contact Mark@goredstar.com or call 954.989.5600

Check it out:


Sexy Time by Kevin Cossom

Mmmmmmmmm! Easily the sexiest video I have ever had the pleasure of appearing in. Singer/songwriter Kevin Cossom released his brand new song, “Sexy Time” today (Valentine’s Day!) The video is artistically put together focusing in on sultry, slow motion movements filmed in black and white.

Press Play:

Rap-Up.com writes:

“Kevin Cossom provides the soundtrack for the bedroom this Valentine’s Day with the seductive video for his new song “Sexy Time.” The R&B singer-songwriter, who is signed to Danja’s N.A.R.S. label, makes love to his lady in the black-and-white clip, which features plenty of skin and steamy action.

The baby-making jam, written by Kevin and produced by The Lottery, will appear on an upcoming project from Kevin.

Aside from his own music, Kevin has lent his pen to Luke James’ new single “I.O.U.,” Fabolous and Chris Brown’s “Ready,” and Kelly Rowland’s upcoming album Talk a Good Game.”

The time is now


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Hello Everyone!

I haven’t posted anything new in awhile. I have been taking a break and focusing on my inner thoughts. If you know me personally, then you know that astrology interests me very much. I have a very talented, intuitive astrology expert that I call upon from time to time. He puts out a very interesting newsletter monthly and it always hits home. You can view his site, www.starself.com
He has for some time now, been telling everyone that Neptune will cause everyone to feel revolutionary. The time to step up is NOW. Do something. Make the changes you need in your life. Stop procrastinating. We must get ourselves together spiritually. I am presently working on this as we speak.

I will talk to everyone soon! Feel free to leave comments! :)

Peace, love and light,

Aisha Thalia

Somebody Loves You

Somebody Loves You

Back in September I had the pleasure of traveling to Philly to film the video for “Somebody Loves You” by Dice Raw, featuring Raheem Devaughn. I was the lead actress and this beautifully filmed black and white video tells a story that many women are unfortunately all too familiar with. I hope you enjoy! Support real music! Support music that UPLIFTS women!

<- check it out!

Art Studio Miami

Across some rusty train tracks in a second story corner building lies a true gem in the Miami neighborhood of Little Haiti. Through a purple painted door on a worn down building and up an old staircase lies a beautiful safe haven of art and love for the children in this rough neighborhood.

A few months ago, we decided that our Art Basel event would need a nonprofit beneficiary that stood for the beliefs and principles that Lila Nikole and I both aligned ourselves with. The spirit that exists within the walls of Art Studio Miami is one of Love and Spiritual Growth. They believe in the holistic wellness of all of their students and the teachers there are all selfless volunteers. Rachel (the director) believes in integrating art curriculum into academic curriculum and the results have proven more than effective. With art budgets being cut all over the city of Miami, some students will never have the opportunity to experience the arts in schools. Art Studio Miami makes sure that the students in their program will have that enrichment along with a solid knowledge of body health, spiritual health and love for one another.

This past week our team visited the center and donated thousands of dollars worth of art supplies as well as a check to help the center with their operating costs. Each child received a gift bag full of supplies and I was able to interview a few of the older children about their experiences in the center. It was a beautiful experience and I surely won’t forget the looks on the beautiful children’s faces. One of students, Kery Mauvais, even emailed me some of his work (pictured below.) So inspirational!!!!

Art is Necessary!!

Artwork by student, Kery Mauvais:

A SUCCESSFUL EVENT! Fusion Rocked – literally!

Wow! It has been a minute since I have been able to update my blog because I was absolutely crazy trying to put together our Project Save Imagination Art Basel FUSION event. From arranging PR, musical acts, lighting, staging, fundraising, volunteer coordination, getting items donated for auction, arranging celeb hotel rooms and flights and still working full time jobs and being full time mothers, Lila Nikole and I had our hands full!

The event took place on December 6th and we had an amazing turnout. Our hosts were Claudia Jordan, Lorenzo Thomas and Anchal Joseph. We had stunning artwork by Maicol Diaz, Trek 6, Jenny Perez and Laurence Gartel. Our dynamic fashion show was INCREDIBLE and during the entire event we had musical performances by Talib Kweli, Urban Mystic, Mobius 8, DJ Bonnie Beats, DJ Epps, and DJ Rob Dinero.

All proceeds to benefit Art Studio Miami! Thanks so much for our sponsors Sobe Ent, Rush Sounds, City Never Sleeps, 2 Girls and a Cupcake, Nuvo and more!!!

Take a look at the pics!!!

Fusion Updates & No 2nd Takes Studio interviews Aisha Thalia

Um…wow. It has surely been a minute since I have blogged. I can however say that this month has been extremely productive. Aside from going through a few challenging personal issues, I have been EXTREMELY busy putting together our “FUSION” event December 6th at LMNT. Project Save Imagination is in full effect and I can’t wait to announce our list of performers and celeb hosts. This beautiful event will benefit Art Studio Miami which is a small art studio in Lil Haiti that desperately needs our help!

Moving on, a few months ago a good friend of mine Derrick Reyes of No 2nd Takes Studio (who happens to be a dope director) approached me the idea of putting together a short video that would give a concise explanation to visitors of my site as to what I do, what I believe in, etc. Some people enjoy watching videos way more than they may enjoy reading my blog updates, so I agreed it would be a great idea. So…..here it is! Shout out to Derrick for all the hard work it took you to put this together. I appreciate you!

Click here:
No 2nd Takes x Aisha Thalia

A dream come true!

IT’S FINALLY HERE! I am super proud to tell all of my friends about my latest charity foundation that I have started with my friend Lila Nikole Rivera! Drumroll please…….PROJECT SAVE IMAGINATION!!!!

Project Save Imagination is a charity based initiative that aims to support students who have an avid interest in the arts but may not have the money or opportunities to pursue their dreams. Every child deserves to follow their passion and we aim to turn that dream into a reality. Whether it’s for an exciting theater workshop, art class sponsorship or even money donated for classroom supplies, our foundation wants to bring back the magic of the arts into lives of students across the country. We have partnered together with the hope to inspire others to help make a child’s dream come true in the area of art education. We started this nonprofit foundation to raise money for student’s who may dream of participating in an art, film, fashion or music education/workshops.

Lila has an amazing background in business and is a networking guru! She has run her own successsful swimwear line for years and is the epitome of the word creative and resourceful.

I am an artist and have a passion for helping the community. Working with children my entire life has inspired me to try to play a greater role in their success and helping them achieve their wildest dreams.

Our launch event is planned for December during Art Basel. I am very excited to reveal more details as they become available!

Please check out our site http://saveimagination.org and follow us on twitter @SaveAndImagine


Aisha Thalia

The Urbn Life -Interview

Hi beautiful people!

I was recently interviewed by a site called “The Urbn Life.” A wonderful writer named Amber JenClair put together a dope article about who I am and what I do. I talked about everything from my drive, projects, ambition, daughter and turn-offs regarding men.

Check it out! http://www.theurbnlife.com/#!models/component_71401